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The VRChat Community Discord is the unofficial home to the growing community around the World's Largest Social VR Platform, VRChat. The official Discord server for VALORANT. We have grown quite a lot over the years with Gears 4, and we want people new to the franchise to feel right at home. There are also mod channels for CoD4 and WaW. We're a hub for VRChat Content Creators, Streamers, sub-communities and their followers to mingle, take part in frequent events and make lasting friendships! DISBOARD is the public Discord server listing community. Discord Community for Twitch Streamers! Make friends with other Twitch Streamers! We have created a community of streamers who help each other grow! We can all learn and share our experiences. FFXIV Art Discord: Join /u/niserri: PVPaissa: The Largest Feast Discord: Join /u/SimonYorke: Paissa Paradise: Discord Nitro Emoji: Join: Centurio Hunts - Hunt and Fate support for NA and EU: Join: u/Viktor_Frost: GPOSERS - Screenshot Community & Home of GShade: Join: u/MarotSatil: Azure Lore - NA Blue Mage Discord: Join: RoyMateo#9312: The Originating from Ventrilo, Beatbox Talk made the next step to move to Discord on October of 2017, Beatbox Talk set out with a goal to reach new levels of the online beatboxing community. We have multiple styles to choose from and members profiting daily! I have personally turned $500 into $315,000 within 31 weeks. To begin: join our official Artix Community Discord Server and get  3 Jan 2020 Hello Sansar Community! Today - we're happy to announce the launch of Sansar's official Discord community. Ask questions, share what you're working on, or get peer feedback on your designs. The Bonk. Dark Horses Community - Discord for the NA guild, Dark Horses, and horse training. 2020年6月15日 Download Discord and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. We're a chat community of 110,000+ React JS React JS , React Native React Native , Redux Redux , Jest Jest in the community Reactiflux Discord . gg/HagNU5c Join the discord so we have a place to talk to all the editors/admins of wiki. Mar 11, 2018 · Discord: Everything You Need to Know By Andrew Melcon 11 March 2018 Here's what you need to know about Discord, one of the most popular communication tools for online gaming and streaming. For both players and developers. Artix Community Guidelines The Artix Community Discord Servers are your place to discuss Artix Entertainment’s games, ask questions, and be part of an incredible group of heroes and fellow game-players. Discover a list of the best Community discord servers. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in web browsers. It's good to see  2020年6月15日 Discordは「フレンド&コミュニティ&ゲーム」のためのオールインワン・コミュニケーション アプリです。カスタム可能なサーバーではチャットを楽しむだけでなく、テキスト チャンネルやボイスチャンネルを通じて気軽にゲームに参加したり、一緒に  Discordは「フレンド&コミュニティ&ゲーム」のためのオールインワン・コミュニケーション アプリです。カスタム可能なサーバーではチャットを楽しむだけでなく、テキスト チャンネルやボイスチャンネルを通じて気軽にゲームに参加したり、一緒に遊ぶ予定を 立てたり、  CPC or Competitive Programming Community is a Discord server targeting problem solvers and competitive programmers from all backgrounds and different platforms. In detail, here's what the community is all about Apr 22, 2020 · JetBrains Community - Discord (JetBot) The JetBrains Community Discord Server - JetBot, the Python bot behind it. join us!!!! The Community: An active, 18+,social Discord server for gamers and content creators. Either way I feel like it's a much-needed addition. Here’s how to set up your own server. It is a place to chat about various things, from discussion about Fandom and Gamepedia wikis, to chatting about beloved games, movies, TV, anime and more. New to Discord? Check out our Warcraft Discord Servers Community Overview to learn how Discord can enhance your WoW experience through bots and webhooks providing the latest news, combat log analysis, and gear recommendations. Once done, click the ✅ underneath to agree to the rules. We use Discord as 2020年5月6日 ゲームコミュニティのための究極のチャットプラットフォーム”を謳う「Guilded」。先日700 万ドルの資金調達を発表した新興ツールの実力やいかに?競合となる「Discord」との 違いについても比較してみました。 The #1 Trading Discord Community BullTradeFinder teaches students Day Trade and Swing Trading Strategies. Also including public Khan guild spawns and scheduling. You can get an instant invite following this link. join us!!!! The largest community ran Roblox server on Discord. We cater to all major platforms (PC, Xbox and PlayStation) and all regions. It’s a great tool for getting a community together or talking with friends while you play games. Want to meet new friends? Want to become part of a new and growing community? Tired of playing games without teams? Tired of playing with toxic teammates? Do you want to be involved in events and giveaways? Then join The Gaming Community! The Gaming Community Discord Curious about The Gaming Community? Vikings Community Owner: Maxim3214 And Co-Owner: TheLeak - Active Members and very friendly! - Out server is international! - Staff activ si matur! - Monthly Giveaway's (With real money too!) - Useful bots! - Auto-role! - Many Updates weekly! - Multiple Games! - And much more Community. You can search Discord servers by your interest like Gaming, Anime, Music, etc. Our community is a Warzone Discord server dedicated to providing you with the infrastructure you need to squad up and find a partner in Call of Duty Warzone. Roblox. Capable of running in your browser, desktop application and both iPhone and Android application. Talk to other Flutter developers about everything Flutter-related, and share useful resources  IRC #. Our server is supported by many systems (both current and planned) that aim to: - improve players’ experience - give users a platform to share their ideas and opinions C# on Discord. We have an unofficial, community driven server on Discord for all users of JetBrains to hang out on. Jan 11, 2020 · The Discord server has the purpose of bringing people from the ProMods community together and be an additional source of information and updates. From account settings to permissions, find help for everything Discord. If you have any question regarding Pharo, do not  8 Apr 2020 Discord's new verified bots and developers program finally puts bots in the spotlight. | Buying from me means: Low PriceFast delivery (less than 48 hours, average 24 hours)I will create you a High Quality Discord Server Why choose me? | On Fiverr The Wikimedia Community Discord is not owned or controlled by the Wikimedia Foundation. Join us on CDN Stormtroopers today and get settled in for a great and friendly community. 1,385 Online Discord Templates - Discover a huge variety of Discord server templates for all purposes. Roblox, Gaming. SoT Discord for Xbox and PC. Slack wants to focus on building a great product for teams, not necessarily large open communities. 19 Mar 2020 You'll need a Discord account in order to open a server. We have an active discord and lots of plans for the future. Discord is a free and secure voice and text chat application initially designed and geared towards gaming communities, but has since grown into a powerful platform used by a variety of communities. The Sketchfab staff will be happy to sponsor them, just ping @bartv or @nebulousflynn from the Community Team 🙂 You are also welcome to simply hang out and chat in the off topic channels. Whe are a BGS Trading Community for people who like to trade, and obtain new pets. A community by me, we have verification, self roles and such, enjoy the https://discord. And now Discord is beefing up verified servers with the store and news channels. See you on the other side 🙂 Join the Community Discord Discord should be used to create an organic connection with your community. py の公式サーバー(英語&日本語)  This Early Access Program allows you to install a Zendesk "Support Bot" into your Discord server that allows gamers to Zendesk help · Community; Zendesk Support EAP - Discord Integration Joining the Discord Integration EAP Pinned. Welcome to the Hypixel Skyblock Community Discord server. gg/yba This invite link takes you straight to the Your Bizarre Adventure discord server which allows you to talk to members to hang out or to ask questions to the community. This also serves as the main hub for discussion about the community wiki. gg/t7JD7eT SQF 154 73 156 (2 issues need help) 24 Updated Jun 19, 2020 A3-Antistasi-Server-Utility Jul 28, 2017 · Discord is an excellent, free chat application that was built for gamers, but is useful for anyone. Some of the servers listed here may have been provided by or obtained from Reddit's /r/wow Discord server list. Help give feedback, grow the community, and more! We still plan on using the Steam forums, but we will be most active in the Discord. The server was set up by users of Wikipedia as a place for Wikipedians who already used Discord or prefer it to using IRC to chat and share information. Roblox! The largest community ran Roblox server on Discord. gg/GJgD9nX We have an active discord and lots of plans for the future. This article's  2 Dec 2015 If you're a Twitch or YouTube Gaming partnered streamer, go sync your account in Discord before reading this. Dec 02, 2015 · Making a Discord server and just expecting your community to be active and lively is a fools game. The bots are great, most discord servers are positive, and I'm happy to have such a good community within discord and everyone else. discord. https://discord. Server is completely free and it has really nice features like Nick and  14 Mar 2019 This gives players a way to get in deeper with a fan community or to reach out directly to a dev team. Need help using our website? Feel free to contact us directly on our Discord Server or through e-mail! Manage Servers The Fandom/Gamepedia Discord is a Discord server for editors on both Fandom and Gamepedia platforms. The news channel enables developers to  2018年8月14日 コミュニティによって使用しているコミュニケーションツールは様々で、コミュニティ同様 ここにはきっと正解はない。そこで、今回はSlack・Facebook・LINEの3つ、そして イケハヤさんの「ブロガーズギルド」で利用しているDiscordも併せて比較して  19 Oct 2015 Our large community caused performance issues. It AntiStasi Community Version - work in progress - Discord https://discord. Community Server Advanced (serveur français) ⚠🇫🇷 French server / serveur français 🇫🇷⚠ Meilleur serveur pour la communauté 😜 #read-the-desc Pls upvote <3 Pit Community Discord Thread Hi there everyone my name is Stevennnetwork, and I’m here today to tell you about the new it community discord. Having a discord server would allow people to better communicate ideas and exploits. Servers are   2020/06/24更新. We aim to provide a huge variety of templates to help build your Discord community into the place of your dreams, without all the hassle. For months, we worked together as a community, and Launched 12 new and 2 refreshed apps Take a look Discuss the platform with other enthusiasts, get help as a developer, and interact with the devs of your favorite apps Join our discord server Discord Templates - Discover a huge variety of Discord server templates for all purposes. We review our Options Trades and Penny Stock trades each day for students in our Chat Room. Q&A Community. Join today to make friends, talk shit or just chill!. We have been around for almost 3 Years, and many friendships and teams have been made during that life span. Share raid tips and tricks or relax in one of the  2019年1月25日 Dwemer Automaton Discord botは、エルダー・スクロールズ・オンラインのギルドや コミュニティのために設計された、多機能型のDiscord botです。 このBOTには、 プレイヤーがアイテムセットや、スキル情報、アイテムの値段確認、アンドーン  31 May 2018 Well, Discord is just like that – but for gamers, with voice chat too, so… throw a wee bitta Skype into the mix (if you're Come join our wee community – it's not just a place to keep up with Whitepot Studios and the latest on our  We opened our Discord server roughly a year ago and I'm inviting all the players on the new forums to join our Aion EU Community Discord Server aswell. Discuss the game in a friendly community! Find Friends to help you through the Main Story and Events! Give direct feedback on the site to our contributor team and writers! Mar 14, 2019 · Emulsify Your Community. Some of these members include Community Ambassadors, and Class Reps, along with Familiar faces from the forums and Twitch. Take advantage of features that let you elevate your community engagement to new heights. 8 comments A Discord Partnered Filipino Gaming Community One of the best Filipino servers you can find here in Disboard. It’s good to engage organically with your users to truly get to know their pain points, their demands, and using this The Skyblock Community Discord (aka SkyComm) is designed to be a community hub for the Hypixel Skyblock player base to connect and talk with one another. This is because our server is the largest, oldest, and most active one dedicated solely to Fallout 76. gg/xkpQ4gT. io Community Discord is the largest Discord server in existence that is aimed specifically at the community of bonk. We are a welcoming community looking for all types of players, Casuals, Diehards and New!! CDN. 2020年2月20日 Discordサーバーの運営に興味のある方が集まるコミュニティです。一般に公開している オープンコミュニティを運営している方や、ゲームクラン等の身内で活用されている方、 サーバー運営者の考えを知りたいBot開発者等にお勧めします。 7 May 2020 The team is testing the concept of a Discord server for the Amplify community. If you also want our latest news, you can also subscribe to  Feren Community Discord: C'mon in to the Feren Community, and be part of the growing Feren OS Community, and be able to chat, get in contact with the developer with ease, get more news about Feren OS Development, be notified of when  Welcome toReactiflux. Like Skype, it has its roots in gaming. These servers hold events, giveaways, and so much more. The fastest growing online developer community helping 1000s take their skills and career to the next level. Flamingo Community This discord server is made for a roblox youtuber called Albert, with the youtube channel Flamingo. The C# community on Discord provides an instant messaging platform for peer to peer discussion amongst C# developers. A commenter touted a dog-lover Discord server. Discord has an incredibly vast number of community servers, so finding the best Discord servers can be difficult. The official Project Lazarus Discord Server can be found under the Social Links section of the game page. Use #RecRoom when posting to our social channels for a chance to be featured! If you have a video you’d like to submit to Rec Room Highlights (our YouTube series) please leave a video link in the #highlights channel of our Discord server. Once you have created a profile you can join servers based on your interests or create your own server and invite people to join. No NSFW allowed here! It also has =====Blue moon===== >Blue moon is an active discord server with 10k+ members and growing it has a awesome community and unique features you won’t find anywhere else, like a waifu and gambling system, you can claim whom you like with local currency and you can gamble and make more money or buy some roles and look cooler than the other posters. Long story short the discord is no longer pit oriented. Below is a list of community-managed discord servers around the game. io Discord server in existence*. There are several lobbies and voice channels for any game mode: multiplayer, zombies, survival, etc. If you are interested  After battling fire-breathing dragons, hordes of undead, and the odd orc or seven, sometimes all a hero wants to do is accept the quest to kick back and talk with their friends. If you come across a message that appears to break these rules, please report it to us. 6 Mar 2019 As a hub dedicated to the community, we encourage everyone to make themselves at home. If you are interested, here is the link: https://discord. It is a very popular means of communication which is used by many guilds and players on DOFUS Touch. Currently, Beatbox Talk has over 7,500 members with many world renown professionals of the art. Another urged me to connect with a group of like-minded reptile lovers on Discord. Why open a Discord community server for DOFUS  2016年8月28日 今回は既に色んなところに取り上げられているゲーム専用コミュニティツール「Discord」 について、 できるだけ解り易いように、登録や利用方法について記載しました! Q. Discord is an online community application that allows users to communicate with each other via chat, audio, and video. BDO Sailing Discord - Sailing dailies, sea trading, sea monster hunting, and Vell parties for NA and EU. I think the moderator of the sub should create one soon, or a community member should create one. A peer-to-peer blockchain designed to handle the efficient creation and transfer of assets from one party to another. This Discord is customized by the community: it is community-driven and community-first, with all suggestions for the servers put into place and managed by Emma. | 358,148 members Rapidly growing discord community with low moderation, cute e-girls, a bunch of fun roles to chose from and a never-dying chat. We have multiple styles to choose  Initially designed for the gaming community, Discord now hosts servers on a wide variety of interests. As said earlier, we know that building and engaging a community of super-fans on Discord is becoming more and more vital to a games success. We are a Warzone LFG (Looking For Group) community server committed to providing a fun experience for all. . This is mainly a multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize, chill with other new members, and make new friends. It comes with Slack-style text chat, group voice chat channels, and plenty of tools to manage your users. View Join. Roblox, Gaming Need help? We've got your back. Congratulations, you are now a full member of the Discord server! Take  12 Mar 2019 “Join our bird-themed Discord community!” one posted. Find discord servers which are tagged with Community. Many GraphQL developers idle in  Discordコミュニティガイドライン に従ってください。 書き込み内容について サーバに 書き込まれた情報について、合法性、正確性、安全性等など、いかなる保証もされませ ん。サーバの管理者・参加者は、書き込まれた情報を利用することによって生ずる いかなる  We hangout on Discord (Invitation at https://discord. Visit website Report A peer-to-peer blockchain designed to handle the efficient creation and transfer of assets from one party to another. Discord. See you on the other side 🙂 Join the Community Discord The Academind Community is a Discord channel hosted by us where you can learn and grow together with thousands of other students and community members. We use an app called discord which is an awesome gamers community tool! Discord is a proprietary freeware VoIP application and digital distribution platform—designed initially for the video gaming community—that specializes in text, image, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel. While some of your die-hard fans will hang out in there and some extremely community focused members will remain, you have to interact in there. Community Discord Server. Who are we? Starting as two separate groups making a TowerWars Discord server, we (Me, @QS9, @imtrashclient and Coldsanity) were brought together by the Pit Community Discord. It’s an open-source project based on Bitcoin Discord’s Most Active Server with 140,000+ Active Members! ~1:1 Male to Female Ratio~ Over (120-200)+ Users Always active in VC & Chat Never Dies, Daily Exciting Events and Nitro Giveaway. Discord Server List. Gib niemals private Daten auf dem Discord Preis, der Discord-Server ist kein Support-Kanal. Another feature of this Discord server would be to gather information and help for new modders. Desktop and Mobile HTML5 game framework. There are a few bots included, and there is a leveling system that is in the works. Losing focus and building for too many use cases always leads to product  via your web browser or the application itself. Yeah that’s right unfortunately the old discord known as the Pit League is RIP, Press F to pay respects, etc. This blog talks about 6 different ways your business can build and thrive with a Discord community . Announcements Pantheon Community is an Oceanic Gaming Community based predominantly around hosting SCP: Secret Laboratory servers alongside various other games within Australia. A fast, free and fun open source framework for Canvas and WebGL powered browser games. The template includes spaces for your community to arrange orders with  1000万語収録!Weblio辞書 - discord とは【意味】不一致,不和 【例文】be in discord with… 「discord」の意味・例文・用例ならWeblio英和・和英辞書. Learn more. Come chat about tech related to React & JavaScript or ask for help! 2020年5月17日 Python の初心者から上級者まで集まる大手コミュニティです。 利用規約があるので 必ずお読みください。 discord. Sign in with Discord Sign in Spent too much time on these messages. It has over 2000 members and is, in fact, the most active Bonk. therockstar26/rxm#6927 owns two Project Lazarus Community Discords. Get your invite to the private Discord server by joining the Zero To Mastery Academy today. Discord Center is not affiliated with Discord App. May 19, 2018 · I have created a community discord for ALL CoD players. Reading each Discord server description and their latest posts can help you tell which ones are friendly, active, and fun. Here's how to do it. Chat with GraphQL developers on IRC at the freenode server on the # graphql channel. io. For only $5, ambriador will setup a professional community discord server in 24 hours. Slack & Discord #. It is a project run by volunteers of their own accord. The #1 Trading Discord Community BullTradeFinder teaches students Day Trade and Swing Trading Strategies. LFG channel - look for squadmates here Four Squad voice channels General chat for everyone to talk in General NSFW chat for fun General voice chat Patch notes channel, where Jul 18, 2018 · Fallout 76 Community Discord Server [BIGGEST] [ACTIVE] You've probably already seen alot of these, but this one is worth reading. Zero To Mastery Community Discord Tutorial. We started off a bit rocking with some trolls, but the discord is thriving well with almost 100 members now. Where still going and whe want u to make it bigger. Once approved, you’ll have access to: Apr 10, 2020 · Community lead challenges. Great to see, really getting The Fandom/Gamepedia Discord is a Discord server for editors on both Fandom and Gamepedia platforms. Find and join some awesome servers listed here! The Gears PC community Discord is open to all new players here on Steam. Ask questions about your build or let everyone know you are looking for a clan. Community Tools. Enabling Server Discovery; Profile Badges 101; Announcement Channels! Where can I submit Feature Requests, Feedback, and Suggestions? Public Server Updates Channel ; Discord's Official API; See all 7 articles r/Community Bulletin Board - Subreddit Welcome, Wiki Link, News, Discord Invite, more. *For best results, use Google Chrome to set up your Discord server. First let me briefly introduce Discord for those who haven't heard of it  Join the large community on Reddit with discussions around every aspect of Flutter. 5 Jun 2020 You're not satisfied with the bare-bones of Discord's permissions capabilities. You're not sharing your email with us, we won't spam you :-) JOIN ON DISCORD. Discord is a service that lets Schließe Dich der noez Community an, und quatsche mit Kunden & Mitarbeitern. We 'd like to unite and foster a vibrant community of developers across the JavaScript , CLI, console, iOS and Android libraries. Diablo3 のフレンド増やしたいなら創設一周年を迎えたDiablo3 JP Discordコミュニティがオススメ。PC版・プレステ版・Switch版など総勢700人以上が 参加されています。元がPC版コミュなのでベテラン勢も多く、攻略情報も盛りだくさん! Join the Academind Community on Discord! It's 100% free to use and entirely powered by Discord. 10 Apr 2020 Head to the #rules-please-accept channel and read our community guidelines. A Discord community is the next generation of social engagement You may not have heard of it yet, but Discord is a very popular voice and text chat platform, with over 130 million registered users after only three years on the market. Discord is being used by communities of all shapes and sizes (even… 11 Jun 2019 Join the Discord Server where you can talk about the videos, ask for help, find someone to work with or just chat with other members of the community! http Don't miss the boat - meet your customers where they already are. Our community guidelines are meant to explain what is and isn’t allowed on Discord, and ensure that everyone has a good experience. Features: Updated frequently - daily. BDO Horse Community - Discord for horse breeding, training, T9 horses, and racing. Server discovery sites like Discord Me help you wade through the masses to find the best. If your server is found violating these guidelines, your server may be pulled from being Public (which disqualifies access to current and future Public server features like Announcement channels), and you may lose the ability to opt-in to be discoverable in Discord search. Roblox, Gaming Apr 10, 2020 · Community lead challenges. It is known for its events, including skin competitions and map competitions, as well as the many notable users who have, in the past, decided to become members there. Pinoygamer itself is a good platform to check latest news in gaming (local/international). Have fun, be kind, and keep our server clean and welcoming. The community server exists so everyone can talk about Artix games. You've got tons of friends and followers, and you need a bit more than your standard server to foster the community of your dreams. It’s an open-source project based on Bitcoin Welcome to Frozen Tundra! We are a small discord server trying to grow in order to gain activity and sociality! We have: -Plenty of bots, for your own fun! -Lovely members! Ready to befriend you at any moments! -Many channels so you can talk about what you like! -NSFW and Ecchi channels And many more to come! Mar 28, 2019 · In an effort to help consolidate the community into one area, we've created an Official RoR2 Discord. DISBOARD is the public Discord server listing community. Discord(ディスコード)ってなんなの? SkypeやTeamSpeak(以下TS)  Discordちゃんねる(β)はDiscordの友達が募集できる掲示板です。ゲームのフレンド 募集や、同じ趣味・作業のグループをタグで検索して見つけられます。Discordの通話・ 会議・チャット友達が欲しいならDiscordの掲示板Discordちゃんねる(β)で探そう!. SwordBurst 2 Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. We're a nonprofit community-owned platform designed to help Discord server owners grow their communities. Ending up as friends, we decided to make this server as how we know it today. Find and join some awesome servers listed here! Community Discord!! Come Join Us (Read 24038 times) Lots of people in there now, and quite a few of the big community contributors. gg/QewZMZa) , where we discuss everything for Pharo users and developers. py. This is a server for a big community. community discord

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